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Not Fixed but Fluid: Skye by stargirlstan Not Fixed but Fluid: Skye :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 1 0 Not Fixed but Fluid: Carmann by stargirlstan Not Fixed but Fluid: Carmann :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 2 0 The Ballet by stargirlstan The Ballet :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 3 3 Tale as Old as the Whole New World by stargirlstan Tale as Old as the Whole New World :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 13 4 Monster Ate Me by stargirlstan Monster Ate Me :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 2 4
The Story of Shell and Devil
Once upon a time deep in the darkest cranny of the vast waters of the Sea, there was a tiny shell. It was a dull brown, worn smooth by many waves and salt and time, not particularly interesting in shape or size, and fairly difficult to distinguish from the other shells and rocks. But you see, as deep as it was in the darkest crannies, not one stray, weak, dogged, distorted ray of what might optimistically be called light would ever shine on it.
It was invisible.
Because the shell was invisible in this dark, it had no initial perception of itself. The shell did not know that it was a dull brown that it was altogether uninteresting, or that it was so dark and deep in the sea nothing that might have cared to look on it could. Wrapped in tight layers of anonymity, the little shell was free.  As a matter of fact, the shell was not even aware of its consciousness until one day a curious toe nudged it.
“Ow!” said the shell, for not only was it thus physically offset but also
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Something in the Air
  No, no, my love,
Everything is fine,
It's just something in the air, my love,
do not let it scare, my love,
-It makes us a little different somehow,
from who we really are,
but it will come with ease, my love,
it won't leave a scar.
Calm, calm, sweet love,
Everything's okay,
It's just something in the air, my love,
Do not let it scare, my love,
just something in the air...
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Love by stargirlstan Love :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 1 0 Fearless by stargirlstan Fearless :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 0 0 California Dreamin' by stargirlstan California Dreamin' :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 0 0 Savannah by stargirlstan Savannah :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 0 0
IN The tea went, filling up to the brim the little tea-cup. Alice breathed in the warm steam, and floated three tiny sugar-roses atop the golden sea in her hands.
       "Well, I do say," said the bear, adjusting his monocle, "if that is what the queen is going for, she is going for it in absolutely the wrong direction. Pass the scones, Maliumpkin?"
       "Well whatever, I still say tosh with her, and that, by jove, we ought to give her a taste of her own medicine!" the Badger exclaimed, pounding his fist on the table.
       "Oh! Really, must you make such a fuss?" said the Cheshire Cat, as the badger's blow upset his tea-cup. "You ruined a magnificent cup of Earl Gray!" he said, lamenting the early and unexpected loss.
       The hatter gave the cat a sympathetic smile and nibbled on a piece of brie.
       "Alisth," he said softly, "be a good wee boy and pasth Cheshie the teapot."
:iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 0 0
Raising Fred
I wish someone would have told me just how dangerous babies were. I mean, I don’t remember being able to breathe fire the first eight months of my existence! No one told me about the six inch horn, either. From the first mention that I was gonna lay an egg everybody was freaking out like they were gonna crap a brick. It was all, “Oh Sally! Oh Sally! How could you! My baby Sally!!”. So, you know, it was really all I could do but ignore all of those passive-aggressive remarks. Steve and I didn't really mean for it to happen. But once we found out, we knew there was no turning back. That little golden egg would be worth all of the crap we were gonna get from our families.
Well, the whole laying the egg part wasn't as bad as mom said it would be. It was just pregnancy as usual and then it was different. “Steve!” I called out. “I think I’m gonna lay an egg!!” Steve rushed me to the hospital and everything happened so fast I didn't have
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The dark wind blew across the golden wheat, tall stalks bowed to the grey sky.  His woolen collar stood up, his hair underneath.
He stood there in the wheat field, thinking.
The sky growled at him, threatened to strike.
Naimad Naimad, are you really as godless as you say, Naimad?
He smirked at the taunt played in the gusts. Down the road there were black-barked trees with leaves of fire. They’d brushed his window this morning and he’d stood, and bent down, and picked up one that had blown in. It was a sunset in a leaf. He took it out of his pocket, held it up to defy the sky.
Somewhere behind those stormcouds slept a paling sun. These clouds were more loyal than the sun. They would not leave him so fleetly.
Naimad, do you know anything of loyalty, Naimad? Teased the wind again.
Somewhere far in the south was a tall man, balding, with a white beard and a tabbacco chin. He’d taken his shotgun and killed Glory when Glory chased his chickens. Naimad beat the tall man
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Once upon a time
The sunshine on my shoestrings
made me wonder if you were smiling
and the wonder I saw in all new things
made Earth louder where it was hiding
once upon a time
The whitish hallways made music with your laughter
and—chase me if you can down them even faster!...
all just once upon a time.
The empty hallways, you and me
are now emptier than they had been
than they were once upon a time.
I’m still not sure what happened
But truly something did
My friend though I scream and shout your name
still from you I am hid.
My brother you were and will be forever
was it all really that delicate?
The rhymes of our summers fall out of cadence
And the memories we had now burn in my throat.
Please brother just let me come home
and kiss your forehead just once more
and not let it all fall into
another once upon a time.
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Aurora by stargirlstan Aurora :iconstargirlstan:stargirlstan 1 2


The Devil Wears Prada by wandaluvstacos The Devil Wears Prada :iconwandaluvstacos:wandaluvstacos 11 17 Until It Hurts Book Cover by wandaluvstacos Until It Hurts Book Cover :iconwandaluvstacos:wandaluvstacos 5 8 Butt Tutorial (BUTTUT) by wandaluvstacos
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Butt Tutorial (BUTTUT) :iconwandaluvstacos:wandaluvstacos 35 16
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milk :icongraemo:graemo 497 30



I'd like to say I'm sorry for not being on DA as much as I should...because it results in some terribly sad things. Like, I can't say thank you to all of the wonderful artists who have given me favorites or watches or llamas (WHICH I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ERMEGERSH LLAMAS!!!). So I'd like to say a huge gigantic mushy THANK YOU!!!! to everyone, because I don't want to leave anyone unthanked. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! <3


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~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks for visiting!!!~~~~~~~~~~
I'm pretty sure I'm from outer space. I was home schooled until High school and I think that impacted my art a lot. I spent tons of time drawing then! I always wanted to draw like my mom. :)


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